Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Good Riddance

Knock the horn off a rino and they look amazingly like a jackass. It's about time he came out. Now if we can get the rest of the herd to come clean. Graham , Snowe and McCain come to mind.I am all for bipartisan politics. It just seems like it is always the right who gives in . As the left moves further left ,the right is drawn along with them. what is considered moderate today would be considered left of center 30 years ago. Damn few republicans would have considered amnesty for "undocumented workers" And none would have considered voting for our present pork package. Somewhere along the line Republicans lost the will to fight for principals. compromise ? sure. Do we surrender ? never. So if we weed out a few of the wishy washy ones all the better. A line has to be drawn . This is as far as we go. Get the message out to the people about true conservatism. We don't need a third party . We need to reinvigorate the one we have. Arlen Specter never was a conservative He was cagey enough to ride the Regan wave into the Senate . So adios Arlen .

Monday, April 27, 2009

Deifying the man

Is this a joke? This is going to be unveiled in NY. On Obamas 100th day in office.?
I can't begin to say on how many levels this is wrong. To compare this man to Christ Is a slap in the face to all Christians. Or is this a mockery of all the Obama supporters who think he is the Messiah? Could it be a mockery of all the conservatives who think Obama supporters believe him to be the messiah? Either way it's wrong. Is the artist shooting for controversial? If so, then go all the way,and depict him as the prophet mohamed? Oops can't do that, it will offend Islam. Too hell with Christianity,right? Or maybe the artist is afraid that some jihadist might relieve him of that burden he carries between his shoulders.

This country is in real danger when we bestow mythical status on a mere mortal. When we take a man and deify him. Did this country elect a politician or a cult leader? Must we now be afraid of dissent, at the risk of being called a heratic? Is another inquisition in the offing? Some may say i am being overly dramatic,but I don't think so. Some may do well to research cults. Pay attention the parts that show how they opperate. How they differ from legitimate groups. And then draw your own conclusions. As for me, I will never bow down and worship at the alter of Obama.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Be Afraid

It seems ol Barry is out to gut our abilities to gather intel. By releasing the photos,and keeping just a hint of prosecution,He is inviting an attack. He can now sit back, if attacked, and wonder why he never saw it coming.

Well Mr President you now own it, lock,stock,and barrel. Your pre 9-11 mentality. Your purple dinosaur attitude,(I love you, You love me) is going to get people killed. No looking back blaming the Bush Administration. No pointing across the aisle. It's all yours!

If we are attacked: you are going to burn out some circuits on your teleprompter trying to explain it away. You, having studied at a Madrasa, know the mentality. These thugs will not be swayed with a one world, group hug, circle jerk. And YOU know it. Hard intel and prevention are the only way to stop another attack. You just won't allow yourself to believe it.

I pray to God that we avoid another attack. And if we do,it will be from dumb luck, and not from hard intel.
Hope you can live with that.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

silence is not golden

This image courtesy of Big Fur Hat @ I Own The World .com .

Does this illustration offend you ? Well it should! In light of the way the MSM reported on the recent tea parties . The over use of the term "tea bagging" . The general dismissal of the whole movement. The lack of honest coverage . All points to a concerted effort by the media to gag opposition to anything they deem worthy. If we don't report it ,it never happened . This seems to be the mindset of liberal media. News flash: you in the MSM are becoming extinct. Get yourself on the endangered species list. WE NO LONGER NEED YOU! Why do you think ratings and subscriptions are so low? A tiny little blog like this may not worry you , but look over my shoulder, thousands more behind me. Pull a video from You Tube , too late ,it's gone viral.Publish a few pictures showing only the worst. So What! WE post thousands, showing the best. You may slow the din of opposition for a while. But know this , we will be heard. Soon, you will look up from the boots you lick ,begging a hand out to keep the cameras and presses rolling.
By then it will be too late. See us,know us, fear us and above all, HEAR US.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Marx Brothers

I see the Apologizer in chief has taken his act south of the border. This time we see him hamming it up with brother Hoogo . Yes that's right I said brother. Both are sons of Karl Marx, if you will. Sadly this is the direction this great country of ours is heading.

This society of ours has grown to be the greatest economical force in the world through capitalism.
Yes we had depression in the 30's but we bounced back. The recessions of the 70's ,80's,and 90's . again we bounced back. If left alone this present economy would right itself. But no. The hired hands on capitol hill think socialism is the way to go. It seems that every nation that has adopted socialist ways has been in one ongoing recession. Yet we think we can do better. This would be funny if it were not true. We are gambling our future by ignoring the past. And as the tea parties have shown, We the People are getting a little fed up. We will not tolerate Marxism being forced on us. El Presidente better wake up to this fact... We are not amused.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

could these be the faces of extremists

I cant help but wonder if John Paul II and Mother Teresa would be on a DHS watch list, were they alive today.I mean with their pro life views and all. Kinda makes ya wonder. How about Billy Graham . Charlton Heston. or John Wayne? Maybe Thomas Jefferson. Well pretty much all the founding fathers. Has this present incarnation of our government tilted that far left? Are we to assume that the ideals of Life Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness are now extreme notions?
Are we now as a Nation,to be made afraid ,to voice our opinions? If so ,then count me in as one who is extremely happy to be extreme.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Party time!!!

With the 15th fast upon us it is now time to tell that circus act in DC.
Just what we think of their act.That their Ring Leader should have stayed in the Windy City. Pushing for better street sanitation. WE need to point out to the fools on the hill. They work for US. That We The People are the hand that feeds them . And that we will no longer tolerate having the hand bitten

The slow and steady evisceration of that most sacred document ,the Constitution ends now. Too much blood was shed defending that "piece of paper" . Yes that bit of antiquated writing that many of you in congress swore to uphold . Yet hold in contempt. Some of you feel it is a living breathing thing to be worked and molded as you see fit. But oh how wrong you are.Our constitution is a rock. Unbreakable, able to weather any storm. And as long as We The People stand in defense of our founding principals .It will last another two centuries.

So on this April 15th we all have a chance to have our voices heard.
As we take to the streets in peaceful demonstration.To let our elected officials know enough is enough.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

As true today as it was then

If you don,t think this is happening today you need to seek a" Cranialanalectomy." That is the procedure where your head is removed from your ass.

This toon was produced over 60 yrs ago. Kinda prophetic,don't ya think?

Friday, April 3, 2009

starting slow and easy

Hello world,

Let me begin by introducing myself. Hi my name is Chuck.

Ok now that we got that out of the way ,lets get down to it.

I am hoping this blog can bring a bit of humor,a little fun,some tranquility and civility,to the world of blogging......

Yeah right . are you out of your freaking mind!!!
A starboard heading pretty well sums it up... I am going to try and voice my opinion,on the asinine way this country is being governed.

C'mon really . Trying to fix a recession by spending a trillion+ dollars. Man that's like trying to put out a forest fire with napalm..
Yea this is the smartest administration ever.

Oh and at the G20. The brilliant one greets the Saudi king with a bow and a kiss to the hand. He might as well spun him around,lifted his robes , and planted one where the crescent don't shine. The President of the United States subjugating himself to the Saudis.

The illumination is blinding.

And lets not forget the i pod. Why not go all out and have a mega bass super sound system installed in the royal carriage? I bet the old gal would get a kick out of that. Only problem is .As soon as she cranks it up,the horses would bolt and wouldn't stop until they got to Scotland.

Real thoughtful egghead..

Also I wonder if they found those "moderate Taliban"yet? You know,the ones that want to bring sharia law to only most of the world. They have no plans for Antarctica.. yet.. I'm pretty sure they got Hillary on that as we speak.

Now that's using your head (for something other than a hat rack)

And speaking of Hillary. Maybe we can send her to Antarctica next. That way she can keep racking up those frequent flier miles,without causing too much embarrassment .Kind of difficult to insult a penguin

. But ya never know. Great thinkers can always find a way..

The comedy that is a tragedy that is our government continues.

stay tuned