Friday, April 10, 2009

Party time!!!

With the 15th fast upon us it is now time to tell that circus act in DC.
Just what we think of their act.That their Ring Leader should have stayed in the Windy City. Pushing for better street sanitation. WE need to point out to the fools on the hill. They work for US. That We The People are the hand that feeds them . And that we will no longer tolerate having the hand bitten

The slow and steady evisceration of that most sacred document ,the Constitution ends now. Too much blood was shed defending that "piece of paper" . Yes that bit of antiquated writing that many of you in congress swore to uphold . Yet hold in contempt. Some of you feel it is a living breathing thing to be worked and molded as you see fit. But oh how wrong you are.Our constitution is a rock. Unbreakable, able to weather any storm. And as long as We The People stand in defense of our founding principals .It will last another two centuries.

So on this April 15th we all have a chance to have our voices heard.
As we take to the streets in peaceful demonstration.To let our elected officials know enough is enough.

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  1. Overall the Tea Parties were a major success. But...we've all got to remember that this is just the begining of the work ahead of us.