Friday, April 3, 2009

starting slow and easy

Hello world,

Let me begin by introducing myself. Hi my name is Chuck.

Ok now that we got that out of the way ,lets get down to it.

I am hoping this blog can bring a bit of humor,a little fun,some tranquility and civility,to the world of blogging......

Yeah right . are you out of your freaking mind!!!
A starboard heading pretty well sums it up... I am going to try and voice my opinion,on the asinine way this country is being governed.

C'mon really . Trying to fix a recession by spending a trillion+ dollars. Man that's like trying to put out a forest fire with napalm..
Yea this is the smartest administration ever.

Oh and at the G20. The brilliant one greets the Saudi king with a bow and a kiss to the hand. He might as well spun him around,lifted his robes , and planted one where the crescent don't shine. The President of the United States subjugating himself to the Saudis.

The illumination is blinding.

And lets not forget the i pod. Why not go all out and have a mega bass super sound system installed in the royal carriage? I bet the old gal would get a kick out of that. Only problem is .As soon as she cranks it up,the horses would bolt and wouldn't stop until they got to Scotland.

Real thoughtful egghead..

Also I wonder if they found those "moderate Taliban"yet? You know,the ones that want to bring sharia law to only most of the world. They have no plans for Antarctica.. yet.. I'm pretty sure they got Hillary on that as we speak.

Now that's using your head (for something other than a hat rack)

And speaking of Hillary. Maybe we can send her to Antarctica next. That way she can keep racking up those frequent flier miles,without causing too much embarrassment .Kind of difficult to insult a penguin

. But ya never know. Great thinkers can always find a way..

The comedy that is a tragedy that is our government continues.

stay tuned

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