Saturday, April 18, 2009

Marx Brothers

I see the Apologizer in chief has taken his act south of the border. This time we see him hamming it up with brother Hoogo . Yes that's right I said brother. Both are sons of Karl Marx, if you will. Sadly this is the direction this great country of ours is heading.

This society of ours has grown to be the greatest economical force in the world through capitalism.
Yes we had depression in the 30's but we bounced back. The recessions of the 70's ,80's,and 90's . again we bounced back. If left alone this present economy would right itself. But no. The hired hands on capitol hill think socialism is the way to go. It seems that every nation that has adopted socialist ways has been in one ongoing recession. Yet we think we can do better. This would be funny if it were not true. We are gambling our future by ignoring the past. And as the tea parties have shown, We the People are getting a little fed up. We will not tolerate Marxism being forced on us. El Presidente better wake up to this fact... We are not amused.

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  1. Great post! El Presidente better back off. Americans are not going to be cowed as easily as he thought. Thanks for the follow!