Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Good Riddance

Knock the horn off a rino and they look amazingly like a jackass. It's about time he came out. Now if we can get the rest of the herd to come clean. Graham , Snowe and McCain come to mind.I am all for bipartisan politics. It just seems like it is always the right who gives in . As the left moves further left ,the right is drawn along with them. what is considered moderate today would be considered left of center 30 years ago. Damn few republicans would have considered amnesty for "undocumented workers" And none would have considered voting for our present pork package. Somewhere along the line Republicans lost the will to fight for principals. compromise ? sure. Do we surrender ? never. So if we weed out a few of the wishy washy ones all the better. A line has to be drawn . This is as far as we go. Get the message out to the people about true conservatism. We don't need a third party . We need to reinvigorate the one we have. Arlen Specter never was a conservative He was cagey enough to ride the Regan wave into the Senate . So adios Arlen .


  1. No joke. Glad this worthless RINO is finally gone.

  2. Glad he's gone. I doubt the Dems will enjoy him any more than we did.

  3. Hey, how are you doing? Just checking up on you. It's been a while.