Thursday, April 16, 2009

could these be the faces of extremists

I cant help but wonder if John Paul II and Mother Teresa would be on a DHS watch list, were they alive today.I mean with their pro life views and all. Kinda makes ya wonder. How about Billy Graham . Charlton Heston. or John Wayne? Maybe Thomas Jefferson. Well pretty much all the founding fathers. Has this present incarnation of our government tilted that far left? Are we to assume that the ideals of Life Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness are now extreme notions?
Are we now as a Nation,to be made afraid ,to voice our opinions? If so ,then count me in as one who is extremely happy to be extreme.


  1. The video works OK when I'm using the Mozilla Firefox browser. If you can't see it there, it was originated from It is a really great vid. I hope you get to see it. Are you a new conservative blogger? I will be your 3rd follower. Come back and follow me, so we can share stories.

  2. These are the new faces of extremists, along with the Founding Fathers (close-minded gun-toting right-wingers), Billy Graham (believes in the Bible, gasp!) John Wayne ( guns, and helped hatred of Native Americans), and honestly 50% of the American population! This needs to be said, good to hear it!