Wednesday, April 22, 2009

silence is not golden

This image courtesy of Big Fur Hat @ I Own The World .com .

Does this illustration offend you ? Well it should! In light of the way the MSM reported on the recent tea parties . The over use of the term "tea bagging" . The general dismissal of the whole movement. The lack of honest coverage . All points to a concerted effort by the media to gag opposition to anything they deem worthy. If we don't report it ,it never happened . This seems to be the mindset of liberal media. News flash: you in the MSM are becoming extinct. Get yourself on the endangered species list. WE NO LONGER NEED YOU! Why do you think ratings and subscriptions are so low? A tiny little blog like this may not worry you , but look over my shoulder, thousands more behind me. Pull a video from You Tube , too late ,it's gone viral.Publish a few pictures showing only the worst. So What! WE post thousands, showing the best. You may slow the din of opposition for a while. But know this , we will be heard. Soon, you will look up from the boots you lick ,begging a hand out to keep the cameras and presses rolling.
By then it will be too late. See us,know us, fear us and above all, HEAR US.


  1. Amen, you said everything I am thinking, 100%

  2. I hear ya. It's time to put some real fear in the mainstreams- they are every bit our enemy as much as the Obamessiah himself.